All Scanners in One: Detector Pack App Reviews

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I think this game was awesome


It is very fun and entertaining but add some more meters on it and it will be 5 stars

All in one scanner

Get this scanner is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the others and easier to use :) love it <3

Love it

I love it I love how there are different scans


not worth $0.99


I would call this app a good app because it is just a scanner!!!!!!!!!!! I would call it an awesome app if you could do something else!!!!!!!!!

kinda cool but a little mean

Its 3stars cause it tells u stuff like ur gross or dumb or yknow somthing like that. I would NOT reccomend this to a sensitive person

best app ever

i love this app

All buttons in one

Out if a 1 out of 10 Its a 8.5

I love it !!

I love this Im as hot as it gets!! And all the other stuff is pretty studly to haha

Mafia 217

The button is awesome.It turns out my brothers a girl


This game is pretty good although the answers r random and dont mean anything. Also I wish there were more scanners but overall its pretty good If it cost money it wouldnt b that great but... U know


Hi mommy

Sick and awsome

The best


This app is just for kids who have nothing better to do. Dont buy, waste of time and money

Love It!!!!!

My Dad tried the gross meter and hes a slob!!!!

Its a accurate game

Its a accurate game but has some glitches


this game is sooooo fun


This is a pretty cool app. It doesnt really mean what it tells you, so dont get too mad or too hype.

Its okay

I hate the stupid one it called me stupid yet im 100 percent smart the rest are okay